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| Clipboard Importer
| Clipboard Importer
| Contains the [[ClipboardImporter (Component}|ClipboardImporter component]].
| Contains the [[ClipboardImporter (Component)|ClipboardImporter component]].
| Light
| Light

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Root is the top-level slot of a world.

Components present in Root for a new GridSpace world are:

Component Summary
AssetLoader<LocaleResource> Loader for the StaticLocaleProvider.
DynamicVariableSpace Provides a dynamic variable space named World.
FontChain Provides five fonts.
StaticFont Five of these, one for each font in the FontChain.
TextUnlitMaterial A material for text, white with black outline.
UI_TextUnlitMaterial A material for text in UI, white with black outline.
SpriteProvider For a checkmark icon.
StaticTexture2D For a checkmark icon.
SpriteProvider For a filled circle icon.
StaticTexture2D For a filled circle icon.

Slots under Root for a new GridSpace world are:

Slot Summary
Controllers Contains the Locomotion Modules slot for users spawning into the world.
Roles Contains slots for world permissions.
Clipboard Importer Contains the ClipboardImporter component.
Light Provides a directional light for the world.
Skybox Provides the skybox for the world.
Ground Provides the ground for the world.
SpawnArea Provides the spawn area for the world.
Assets Holder for assets referenced by objects, but not stored in those objects.
User (name) (ID) The local user's root slot.
_TEMP The local user's scratch area.
Undo Manager The local user's undo manager.