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New Update!

New Features:

- Character Force Field has new functions:

-- MinActionvationVelocity

-- HoldJumpMaxForceVelocity

-- MinCharacterVelocity

-- MaxCharacterVelocity

-- CharacterVelocityDampeningSpeed

- Added "PBS_DualSided" and "PBS_Triplanar" material presets to the model importer (on request from @SHFR_H )

- Added FindChildByTag node (on request from Bom "Bitman" bomb )

- Added "ActiveUserRootOnly" setting on Grabbable, Slider and Joint, which will let only the user under which is the object parented to grab it (so pepole can't steal @ProbablePrime 's face anymore)

- Added "EditModeOnly" And "ActiveUserRootOnly" to TouchToggle, TouchValueOption and PhysicalButton


- Major optimization - rewrote the assembly postprocessing to generate methods to iterate over members on workers, without the need to allocate array for each instantiation. This decreases some memory usage (thus reducing GC churn somewhat) when instantiating objects/components and should speed them up somewhat too.

This required rewrite of low level (IL) code generation and patching, if you notice any strange behaviors or crashes let me know, but should work.

- Updated to Unity 2019.1b4

- Disabled Incremental GC for now


- Buttons now support vibration presents for hover and press

- Added stronger vibration for the world browser buttons


- Fixed model exporting via inspector

- Fixed error in export process when there's a StaticTexture2D referenced with a null URL

- Fixed model exporting breaking with empty meshes in the hierarchy