New RadiantUI Dash Transition Guide

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Closing/Leaving World

This is now located in the upper right corner of the "Home" screen on the dash

The Tools Facet

This facet can be found on the "Home" screen of the dash in the lower right corner. It contains the following options:

  • Avatar Creator
  • Full Body Calibrator
  • Camera / Streaming
  • Create New World
  • Deposit NCR
  • Withdraw NCR
  • Debug

Opening Cloud Home, Content Hub and MTC

This is now located on the Home screen of the dash, in the lower right corner, on the left from the Tools Facet

Saving World

The save controls have been relocated to the Session tab for the time being. Switch to the "Session" on the dash bar and make sure you're on the "Settings" screen. You'll find the save buttons in the lower left corner.

Logging in/out and changing profile picture

This is now located on the "Home" screen of the dash, in the lower left corner. Profile picture is changed the same way, by holding a new picture in hand and clicking the circle with the profile.