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Neos is a feature rich engine that is connected both to other users and the Neos Cloud services. If you're concerned or have a firewall you'd like to configure then read on to find out.

HTTP & WebSocket Traffic

Things like:

  • Messages
  • Profile Information
  • Contact Requests
  • Your Inventory
  • Items in your Inventory & Your Avatar

Are all stored within the Neos Cloud. Your copy of Neos will use HTTP(S) or WebSockets to retrieve this information. Here is a list of places you might see connections to:

  • Most HTTPS Traffic is from
  • SignalR(Realtime Updates) makes a WebSocket connection to the Microsoft managed service
  • Assets(Avatars, Meshes, Textures) and other Blobs(Large Files) come from
    • Assets are also stored at
  • Thumbnails are stored at
    • Thumbnails are also stored at
  • Some additional data is stored at

Session Traffic

When you connect to a Neos session, you're starting a connection to the Session's Host. This is usually another user's computer but sometimes can be a Headless Session which could be hosted in another cloud based data center. Depending on your settings and the settings of the session host you'll connect with either one of the following protocols:

  • LNL
  • Steam Sockets


  • LNL uses UDP to connect.
  • Ports will vary and can be any port depending on the host as it lets the host pick a free port.
  • For some connections a NAT Punch through is required. It's generally an implementation of UDP Hole Punching.
    • This occurs via a connect to at 12500 port.
  • In other cases a relay will be used.
    • LNL relay is the same as above but port 12600.
  • After punch through or relay, the actual connection to the user can be any IP or port.

Steam Sockets

Steam Sockets is a Valve created networking protocol. You can find information on it here