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Neos VR má tým úžasných jednotlivců, kteří mu pomáhají k růstu a úspěchu.

Name Role Social Media / Contact
Frooxius CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Twitter
Karel Hulec CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Twitter
Name Role Social Media / Contact Description
Frooxius CTO (Technický ředitel) Twitter
Karel CEO (Výkonný ředitel) Twitter


Name Role Social Media
Andrea Maloney COO Twitter
Karel Hulec CEO Twitter

Community Management

Neos currently, has a shared responsibility model for community management. As such we don't currently have a community manager or someone that might fit that role. This may change in the future and this page will be updated in that case.

This doesn't mean that we don't care about community management, it just means that it's handled a little differently right now. Due to this many of our team wear many hats and carry out mixed responsibilities that are hard to bucket into neat packages or phrases or job titles. This is especially true in community management.

So when it comes to community management, if you'd like to speak to one of us on these matters then our advice is as follows:

  • Always, check the #Contacting the Neos Team first.
    • There are many events here that are suitable for many of the issues you might want to speak to someone about.
    • These are the preferred ways to contact the Neos Team
  • If those don't work for you, consider politely approaching a team member in a Neos Session.
    • Do remember that Team Members in sessions are usually there to chill and relax, they're under no obligation to speak to you.
    • Start by asking if they are free and willing to chat.
    • If they are that's great but always ask first!
    • They may redirect you to another team member or one of our other #Contacting the Neos Team options. Always respect that.

If all else fails, feel free to submit some feedback to our feedback form we promise to read it and take the feedback under advisement.

Development Team

The development team build Neos they maintain its many features, implement more features and fix bugs.

They work closely with Frooxius who manages development and also works on features. If it involves programming or the management of programming, this team will handle it.

Core Development

Core Development members, have access to Neos' systems, engine and cloud infrastructure.

Name Role Social Media Description
Frooxius CTO As described above/elsewhere :)
Geenz Graphics Programmer Twitter Everything Graphical. Shaders, Rendering, Lighting, Reflections etc.
0utsider Programmer On a Hiatus right now, but 0utsider made a bunch of LogiX nodes and tweaks that help you use LogiX today.
ProbablePrime Technical Writer / Programmer Twitter ProbablePrime splits his time between written artefacts of Neos such as documentation, articles, policies etc and programming. You can also find him making smaller features. Feel free to ask them anything too. They have many hats.

Quality Control/Testing

Name Role Social Media Description
Shifty Quality Control Lead Shifty manages the Quality Control team which acts as a bridge between development and the community allowing us to maintain a quality bar for Neos development.


Some areas don't fit into other classifications but are still development of Neos and very important!

Name Role Social Media Description
Raith Moderation / Programmer Twitter Raith manages and improves the Moderation ticket system. Keeping you all safe.

Content Team

The content team produce, create and manage content within Neos. Including the MTC, Sounds, visuals and other in Neos experiences.

Name Role Social Media Description
Aegis_Wolf Creative Director Twitter Creates and manages the overall look, feel and art of Neos' in-game experiences and worlds working closely with the other content team members. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Chroma Video/Graphics/Communications Production Twitter Chroma produces Icons, Graphics, Visuals, UI Designs and Videos for us to share Neos with you.
Lacy Bean Lead Audio Designer Twitter Everything Sounds! If it makes noise, Lacy probably made it. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Nexulan Producer Nexulan produces our various Twitch Streams, Videos and other content working closely with Chroma and the rest of the content team.
Rue Shejn 3D Artist Creates 3D assets for use in Neos and its many official experiences and worlds. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Ryuvi Technical Artist Puts together complex systems of Logix, Components etc to create content within Neos and its official experiences. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Theofilus the Folf Video Production Twitter Works closely with Chroma producing, editing and managing all aspects of Video production.

Členové teamu

Name Role Social Media / Contact Description
Aegis_Wolf Umělecký ředitel Twitter
Coffee Programátor Twitter
Geenz Programátor grafiky
Lewis Snow Vedoucí zvukový designér Twitter
Nexulan Community Manager
0utsider Programátor
Rue Shejn 3D umělec
Ryuvi Technický umělec
Shifty Vedení kontroly kvality
Theofilus the Folf Video produkce Twitter
Veer Ředitel moderace Twitter


Neos má navíc team Moderace, který se sestává z dobrovolníků ze řad komunity Neosu.

Contacting the Neos Team

Whenever possible its best to use the official channels for contacting the team with your issue.

General Questions

General Feedback

For general feedback about any topic you can:

  • Fill out our generalized feedback form which can be filled out anonymously.
    • This goes to a Google Sheet which we periodically review, collate and analyze.

Seriously, drop anything in there and we'll take a look and get back to you if its appropriate.

Development Inquiries

Moderation Issues / Inquiries

Neos / Patreon Account Issues and Perk Claiming

If you have a Neos account issue or Patreon account linking or perk claiming request, please contact Shifty (Shifty#7944) on Discord and she can help you process your requests. In particular she can assist with:

  • Resending a verification token for account registration
  • Correcting a mispelled registration email address or display name
  • Changing an account's display name
  • Linking a Patreon account that uses a separate email from the Neos account (Patreon accounts with the same email address are linked automatically within an approximately six hour window)
  • Claiming Patreon perks (custom 2D/3D badges, group creation, and exit message submissions)