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Neos VR has a team of awesome individuals that are helping make it grow and succeed.


Name Role Social Media / Contact Description
Frooxius CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Twitter
Karel CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Twitter

Neos Team

Core Development Team

The core development team build Neos they maintain its many features, implement more and fix bugs. They work closely with Frooxius who manages development and also works on features. If it involves programming, this team will handle it.

Name Role Social Media Description
Geenz Graphics Programmer Everything Graphical. Shaders, Rendering, Lighting, Reflections etc.
0utsider Programmer On a Hiatus right now, but 0utsider made a bunch of LogiX nodes and tweaks that help you use LogiX today.
ProbablePrime Technical Writer / Programmer Twitter ProbablePrime splits his time between written artefacts of Neos such as documentation, articles, policies etc and programming. You can find him making smaller features
Raith Moderation / Programmer Twitter Raith manages and improves the Moderation ticket system. Keeping you all safe.
Shifty Quality Control Lead Shifty manages the Quality Control team which acts as a bridge between development and the community allowing us to maintain a quality bar for Neos development.

Content Team

The content team produce, create and manage content within Neos. Including the MTC, Sounds, visuals and other in Neos experiences.

Name Role Social Media Description
Aegis_Wolf Creative Director Twitter Creates and manages the overall look, feel and art of Neos' in-game experiences and worlds working closely with the other content team members. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Chroma Video/Graphics/Communications Production Twitter Chroma produces Icons, Graphics, Visuals, UI Designs and Videos for us to share Neos with you.
Lewis Snow Lead Audio Designer Twitter Everything Sounds! If it makes noise, Lewis probably made it. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Nexulan Producer Nexulan produces our various Twitch Streams, Videos and other content working closely with Chroma and the rest of the content team.
Rue Shejn 3D Artist Creates 3D assets for use in Neos and its many official experiences and worlds. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Ryuvi Technical Artist Puts together complex systems of Logix, Components etc to create content within Neos and its official experiences. E.g The MTC, Sojourner's Island
Theofilus the Folf Video Production Twitter Works closely with Chroma producing, editing and managing all aspects of Video production.


The moderation team is there to keep you safe. They handle policies, incidents and moderation matters within the community.

Name Role Social Media Description
CanadianGit Moderation
Dante Moderation
Raith Moderation / Programmer Twitter Moderation ticket system
Veer Chief Moderation Officer Twitter Veer heads up all Moderation and Mentor matters including policies, guidelines and rules.


Additionally Neos, has a Moderation team which consists of volunteers from the Neos Community.

Contacting the Neos Team

Whenever possible its best to use the official channels for contacting the team with your issue.

General Questions

General Feedback

Development Inquiries

Moderation Issues / Inquiries