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As a supplementary page to Neos Credits here is a FAQ to answer some of the questions we see regarding NCR. We'll update this with questions as they come in.

Why Crypto, why not just a Virtual Currency?

Our page on Environmental Impact and Sustainability explains this.

I'm worried about impact on the environment, what can you tell me?

Our page on Environmental Impact and Sustainability explains our approach here.

Does Neos use NFTs?

No, we don't.

See our article on Environmental Impact and Sustainability for more information.

Does Neos mine cryptocurrency when it is running?


Can NCR be mined?

No, it can only be minted or purchased.

Who can own/mint NCR?

Anyone can. You just need an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

How much NCR is currently available?

This varies depending on what you're asking and when you're reading it. You can read some of our key details about this on our Neos Credits page. Look for the key details section and then look at our website. For some specific questions see below:

How much NCR is in circulation?

Check our website, look at the NCR section and see the section titled "total minted so far", the number of the left is the amount of NCR in circulation.

What is the total supply?

You can read about this on our website or our whitepaper but in summary: 50 Million.

How much can I mint now?

That's practically unlimited, but check our website's NCR section and see the section titled "total minted so far", the number of the left is the amount of NCR in circulation. Subtract that from the total supply (50 Million) and that's how much you could mint.

How can I mint NCR?

Send ETH to the minting address listed on our website, from an ERC-20 Compatible Wallet. You will receive your NCR back within 48 Hours. See our tutorials for more information.

What is a batch/how do batches work?

Every time a batch of 100k NCR is minted, the price to mint new NCR increases by 1.25% (this is fixed relative to USD). The price to mint the first batch was indeed 0.06 USD.

How do I know what batch we're currently on?

Check our website's NCR section for the "Minting Batch" number.

How much does NCR cost?

NCR's price is tied to USD and will change. So check our website for the current price. In the NCR section its listed under the text: NCR minting price.

How can I sell NCR?

You can sell NCR using Uniswap or Fork Delta. Check our website, for a link to the Uniswap pool. Its in the NCR section.

Why would I mint NCR when I can buy it?

Buying NCR on Uniswap etc, can sometimes lead to a worse price than the minting price. It varies depending on a number of factors. Minting also puts more NCR into the economy which will lead to new batches and price increases of NCR. So if you can it is in your best interest to Mint when possible.

Is NCR Listed on any Exchanges / Trackers?

We're listed on quite a few sites:

If you know anymore please add them.

We do not have any plans to add NCR to other exchanges at this moment, but if this changes we'll update this list.

Can I Opt-Out of receiving NCR with my Patreon pledge?

Yes, see our Patreon page for more information.

Can I Opt-Out of receiving NCR from other players?

Yes, see our Patreon page for more information. It has Opt-out information.

When does the NCR ICO end?

It ends once 50 Million coins have been minted. You can see the current minted amount on our website.

When did the NCR ICO Start?

It started on: 2018-07-16, AKA 16th July 2018.

Can I buy storage with NCR?


What can I use NCR for?

You can use NCR for a number of things right now:

  • Buying Storage in-game
  • Tipping users for their creations
  • Contracting users for making items - We don't have an official contract/invoice system but this is on our roadmap

But that's not all, on our roadmap is:

We do not have plans for any NFT functionality right now.

Can I stake NCR / Is there staking?

No, not at this time.

What price will I get when I mint tokens through the ICO?

When submitting a transaction to the ICO/Mint, you'll get your ETH converted to NCR using the price shown on the Neos Website at the time of the transaction's confirmation.

This does not apply to Uniswap or other exchanges, please see the documentation or information on how those exchanges work to understand how your price is determined.