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Neos is an innovative metaverse engine designed to accelerate the development of social VR applications. It is built on top of a novel scripting engine that integrates engine logic, synchronization, and asynchronous job and asset processing into a seamless whole.

This gives creators, engineers, developers, and scientists the ability to focus on the behavior of their creations and what makes them unique, with automatic support for a wide variety of VR devices, online collaboration/multiplayer and cloud functionality, both for the development and the project.

As an end user, you can explore a rich virtual universe full of diverse creations with your friends, colleagues, or classmates and use the virtual tools and devices you find for fun, art, education, or content production.

If you want to keep up with development, check out our social links:

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Neos Community Contributions

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Neos Competitions

Neos occasionally runs game-wide competitions with the community:

  • NCC - A month-long competition ran by the Neos Team in 2019.
  • MMC - A month-long competition ran by Medra in 2020.