Websocket Text Message Sender (LogiX node)

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Websocket Text Message Sender
'Websocket Text Message Sender' LogiX node
  Impulse Send
  WebsocketClient Client
  String Data
  Impulse OnSendStart
  Impulse OnSent
  Impulse OnSendError
  String SentData

The Websocket Text Message Sender node sends a string specified by Data to the websocket endpoint specified by Client


Once a connection has been initialized by a Websocket Connect node, and the Connected event has been received on a Websocket Connection Events node, this node can be used to send strings to the target endpoint.

OnSendStart indicates that the Data string has began transmitting.

OnSent indicates that the Data string has finished transmitting successfully.

OnSendError indicates that the Data string failed to transmit - either the socket is no longer connected, or some other error occurred during transmission.

If the send was successful, SentData contains the string that was originally given as Data - this is useful in cases where Data's value has changed between the Send impulse, and the OnSent impulse.


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