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UIX is Neos' custom UI system. It allows you to design dynamic and interactive user interfaces directly inside Neos. UIX uses a hierarchy of slots, with each slot having one or more UIX-related components to designate its role.


All UIX-related slots should exist under a Canvas slot. The Canvas defines where UIX elements will be drawn.

User interfaces in UIX consist of two types of components: element-type and layout-type. Elements include visual and interactive aspects, like buttons, images, and text. Layouts provide information about the ordering or organization of elements and always apply to their child slots. In addition, UIX slots will have a RectTransform component, which can be thought of as the 2D equivalent of the standard 3D transform found on slots. The RectTransform must be present for UIX slots to function properly; do not remove it unless you know what you are doing.

More deeply nested elements are drawn closer to the front than those closer to the root. Within a given level (parent slot), items are drawn from back to front according to their listed order.