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NeosVR supports a variety of text formatting tags. These tags can be added to text within various Neos Components to provide additional formatting options.

There are two types of tags

  • Tags which wrap around the text they affect. These come in pairs with the text you wish to affect in the middle. <tag> opens, and </tag> closes. For example, <b>hello</b> would appear as hello
  • Tags which are standalone and signal usually advanced processing. For example <noparse length=12> will not parse the next 12 characters with formatting tags.

With these tags you can produce bold, italic, underlined, and struckthrough text with the b, i, u, and s tags, respectively.

A full list of tags follows:

neos uses TextMeshPro to render text internally, therefor the list of supported tags are simply the ones supported by TextMeshPro. http://digitalnativestudios.com/textmeshpro/docs/rich-text/

citation for neos uses textMeshPro: https://discord.com/channels/402159838827905024/402159839251398666/446341993925443607

Tag Example Description
align <align=left>Text</align> Sets text alignment. Valid argunments are left, center, and right.
alpha TBD
color <color=#FF0000>Text</color> Sets text color. Takes a hex-encoded RGB color.
b <b>Text</b> Shows text in boldface
i <i>Text</i> Shows text in italics
cspace TBD
closeall closes all format specifiers that came before this tag
closeallblock creates a block for the above closeall tag to operate in, e.g. <b><closeallblock><i>Blabla</closeall></closeallblock></b> prevents the <b> tag from being closed
font TBD
indent TBD
line-height TBD
line-indent TBD
link TBD
lowercase <lowercase>Text</lowercase> Forces all characters to be lowercase
uppercase <uppercase>Text</uppercase> Forces all characters to be uppercase
smallcaps <smallcaps>Text</smallcaps> Renders lowercase characters as small uppercase characters
margin TBD
mark <mark=#ffff00aa></mark> Used to highlight text in an RGBA hex color. Note that alpha should be filled in, otherwise the highlight will be opaque over the text.
mspace TBD
noparse <noparse>Text</noparse> Prevents the contents of the tag from being parsed as rich text
nobr <nobr>Text</nobr> Prevents the contents of the tag from being broken across lines. Useful for bounded text.
page TBD
pos TBD
size <size=16>Text</size> Sets the size of the text. This is absolute; the size of the Text component is completely ignored.
space TBD
sprite TBD
s <s>Text</s> Shows text with a line through it
u <u>Text</u> Shows text with a line beneath it
style TBD
sub <sub>Text</sub> Displays the text in subscript
sup <sup>Text</sup> Displays the text in superscript
voffset TBD
width TBD