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New build with some new logix goodies! Still mostly focusing on fingers though.

New Features:

- Added "World Light Sources Wizard" which allows to perform certain batch operations on light sources in the whole scene (e.g. disabling shadows). Spawn by going Create New -> Editor -> World Light Sources Wizard (added to help with @Casuallynoted 's world)

- New Logix nodes for working with the undo system:

-- Create Undo Batch (allows grouping multiple undo steps into a single one, supports recursion)

-- Begin Undo Batch / End Undo Batch (same, but with explicit start and end of the batch. Make sure to end every batch you create!!!)

-- Create Transform Undo Step (saves parent, position, rotation and scale)

-- Create Spawn Undo Step (trigger right after spawning new object)

-- Undoable Destroy (destroys object and creates undo step)

-- Create Field Undo Step (creates snapshot of a value of a field)

-- Create Reference Undo Step (same as above but for reference fields)

-- Create Type Field Undo Step (for type fields)

- New Logix nodes for working with bounding boxes (under Transform / Bounds)

-- Empty Bounding Box

-- Bounding Box from Center Size

-- Encapsulate (point / bounds)

-- Transform bounds

-- Bounding Box Properties

-- Compute Bounding Box

- "Color From Hex Code" node (at suggestion from @Coffee Maker )

- Added support for categorizing nodes and components into multiple categories

- Added Color input node to the "Color" category in addition to "Input" (at suggestion from @Coffee Maker )


- Neos will now play rtmp:// URL's with the video player (based on report by @Anomalous )


- Fixed active sessions URL's not getting assigned to source links (e.g. World Orbs), preventing people from being able to join

- Fixed off by one error for texture resize field