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Another smaller build, still mostly focusing on the finger system.

New features:

- Added support for Alpha8 texture format

- Added "Grayscale" option for the image slices as volumetric texture import (and support for using alpha to VolumeUnlit), which will use Alpha8 texture format, with single byte per channel. This can greatly reduce memory usage (for @SHFR_H and their enormous scans)

- Added storage space usage to the Neos dash


- Added diagnostic info for 3D textures (size, format, bytes)

- Added memory usage diagnostic info for 2D textures

- Added error message on the dash when there are sync issues ((based on the issue @Popii ❀ was dealing with)


- Fixed special object tags not being generated when saving items into the inventory, breaking certain behaviors (e.g. not being able to favorite a virtual keyboard)

- Fixed some exceptions during errors when starting or loading a world