Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search I made two new shiny shaders! :smile: So you can make more cool mattttterials! (did I spell that right? >:3 )

New Features:

- PBS Color Splat (Metallic & Specular)

-- Supports 4 textures of each and a color map, where each channel represents contribution from each

-- Supports height map blending too for sharper, more defined look

-- Useful for terrains

-- At requests from @0utsider, @Aegis_Wolf and a bunch of others

- PBS Slice (Metallic & Specular)

-- Supports up to 8 plane slicers, cutting a mesh

-- Supports slice fade effect along the edge (Albedo & Emissive)

-- Dual-sided, rendering interior (mesh will look as a shell though)

-- Added GenericSlicer component, which allows to set the slicing plane visually. To create edit the material and click "Create Slicer" in the inspector

-- At request from @MkE and some others


- Fixed procedural GridTexture not erasing the previous grid lines when changing settings

- Fixed 3D Texture generation incorrectly rounding the size to the nearest power of two (e.g. 500 would get rounded up to 1024), for both Slices2VolumeTex utility and in Neos (discovered by @SHFR_H )