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New build with some additions! But also (temporary) removals, disabling the Steam transport protocol for now, because it uses an old one that's not as good and the new one I wanted to use isn't ready for integration just yet.

New Features:

- Reworked Volume Additive material into "Volume Unlit", which now has new rendering modes and more efficient rendering (for @SHFR_H ):

-- Additive (old)

-- Additive Cutoff (cuts off accumulation after certain threshold)

-- Hit Threshold (renders first color above certain threshold, providing harder surface)

- Added "Recalculate Normals (merged)" option for meshes, which smooths normals for nearby vertices, rather than creating sharp edges (based on @Coffee Maker 's issue)

- Added LinearAngleMapper, which maps rotation (as euler angles) to scalar value and back. This is similar to LinearRotationMapper, but doesn't automatically map the shortest angular distance between to angles

- WorldPermissions now has three options for save copy permission - Only Owners (only people who own the world can save), Only When Public (can save if it's published) and Anyone.

- Added "ControllerType" to the RawDataTooltip component (at request from @Coffee Maker )

- Added "User Head Output Device" node


- Changed default Save Copy permission for non-builder and builder roles to "Only When Public", preventing people from saving a copy of a world that you're working on (based on suggestion from @ProbablePrime )

- Upgraded to Unity 2019.1f2

- Disabled the Steam networking for now. This uses the old interface and protocol, which behaves worse than what we had now. The new SteamNetworkingSockets doesn't seem to be fully ready and exposed for interop yet. Will integrate that as soon as possible

- Changed SteamVR initialization back to immediate, since this doesn't seem to help crashes

- Added even more diagnostic information for SteamVR initialization to help resolve issues for @Synergiance and @Juspertinry


- Added maximum message length limit when rendering to prevent overflowing and lag (for @Cookie (Lewis) )

- Fixed not being able to join sessions through the world orbs when some of the friends were in that session

- Fixed "Get Session URL" giving incorrect link

- Fixed friend link opening when it shouldn't (e.g. just on hover) (reported by @Lewisboi ._. )

- Fixed GetTooltip and HasTooltip nodes not working correctly