Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search New build! Sorry it's a bit smaller, got a bit busy with some things today.

New Features:

- Added "External Link" dialog to increase safety when clicking hyperlinks. Rather than opening right away, dialog with the target URL is shown and choice to open or cancel is given to the player. (based on suggestion from @Synergiance and @theboom1 oof )

- Added HeightScaleRatio to ScaleObjectManager, which allows adjusting the way objects vertical position is adjusted in the distance

- Added "Disable Physical Interactions" setting (at request from @Synergiance and @Ghostlight )

- Added "Resize" processing function for static 2D textures

- Added gradual transition for the volume of users beyond the whisper sphere


- Fixed being able to join the same session multiple times

- Fixed Detail Normal Map not working when it was the only Normal Map on PBS Metallic or PBS Specular