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New build with some new goodies! ^^

New Features:

- New Shaders! All world-space image filters:

-- Depth

-- Gamma

-- Grayscale/Gradient

-- HSV

-- Channel Matrix

-- Invert

-- Posterize

-- Threshold

- New LogiX nodes:

-- EquipTooltip, DequipTooltip, GetTooltip and HasTooltip

-- "Raw Data Tooltip Events" - sends impulses when primary/secondary is pressed and when the tool is updated. I strongly recommend using this from now on instead of "Fire On True"

-- Get Active User - a shortcut to get active user from a slot (skipping the UserRoot object) (based on discussion with @ProbablePrime )

-- Get Object Root - finds the root of the current object from a slot (if present, otherwise returns the same slot)


- Set "Break At Other Nodes" as default Logix traversal method when packing

- LogiX Tooltip now shows the input/output datatype (based on @ProbablePrime 's feedback)

- You can now type simplified type aliases (e.g. "float" instead of "System.Single" when selecting a generic type for a component. Aliases are also used when listing.

- Tweens will now perform extra value update when destroyed. This helps fix an issue when the tween is done on the host, but they're in another world and haven't updated the value on their end

- When invisible, you will not be shown as present in worlds even if they're public ones

- Added common generic types to some LogiX node components (at suggestion from @0utsider )

- Added object pool diagnostic stats to the debug dialog

- Added physics engine iterations stats to the debug dialog