Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search New update, with some performance and loading time improvements (and some other things)

New features:

- Added FPS counter. You can find it on the Neos dash, in Debug -> Worlds and in the user stats item (this lets you see FPS of all users in the environment). At request from many people.

- BlitToDisplay component now has FlipHorizontally and FlipVertically properties, which allow flipping the texture on the display (at request from @SHFR_H )


- Reenabled experimental Graphics Jobs feature. This should significantly improve rendering performance, including mirrors/portals.

- Tweaked the texture slice upload timings and enforced at least 2 ms to be spent uploading textures to the GPU memory. This should significantly improve loading times

- Tweaked global render probe and ambient lighting settings, to improve performance and make sure that the ambient light is updated properly when switching worlds


- Upgraded to Unity 2019.1f1

- Tweaked AO settings to reduce polygonal look on some meshes up close


- Bounding box scale now also considers distance to the center point, preventing it from getting enormous when the user is too far away from all the corners

- Fixed AprilFoolsViolentExplosion leading to unending explosion loop in some cases

- Fixed default render queue of blur, refract and pixelate materials, causing them to interfere with some transparent materials and ignore the skybox

- Added more diagnostic information for SteamVR driver to help diagnose Pixmax issues for @Juspertinry (try running this build with crash to generate new log)

- Fixed per-pixel lights still being enabled for mirrors/portals, reducing their performance