Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Sorry for smaller build, spent most time trying to implement single-pass rendering for mirrors/portals, only to hit a roadblock.

New features:

- Added "Index Of Child" logix node (for Bom "Bitman" bomb)


- Upgraded to Unity 2019.1b10

- Disabled MSAA for Mirrors/Portals. This should help with performance in cases where it was active

- Reference Nodes are no longer shared for multiple inputs, allowing to always break up logix circuit traversal at them (meaning if this is the only shared node between multiple logix circuits, you can pack them individually). Changed based on @0utsider 's issue

- Bounding box gizmo is now scaled based on the distance from its center or corner (whichever smaller), fixing issue where it would be enormous when the actual slot position is far away (as encountered by Bom "Bitman" bomb in his world)


- Fixed whisper sphere not working correctly when there wasn't VolumeSource on the same slot

- Fixed AprilFoolsViolentExplosion not deleting the explosion effect after it's done (it was non-persistent so wouldn't be saved)