Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Another build! Mostly tweaks, small additions and bugfixes.

New Features & Additions:

- When in "Whisper Mode" the audio volume of the users outside of the bubble is lowered

- Added "FriendLink" component (under "Cloud") which allows creation of friend tokens - make any object into a profile link (at suggestion from @DeliriousJax )

- Added "Make Dual Sided" and "Make Flat Shaded" to advanced import model settings

- Added "Generate Random Colors" setting to advanced import model settings, this assigns a random color to each material (added for @SHFR_H )

- Added "Spawn Material Orbs" setting to advanced model import setting, which spawns orbs for all materials from the imported model (also for @SHFR_H )

- You can now assign textures to a slot by holding texture and clicking the slot with either controller. This also works on screen, although somewhat clumsy, enabling assigning of textures in the screen mode

- Color fields now have checkerboard background to better show alpha and show the color without alpha on a portion as well

- Texture fields now have checkerboard background to better show alpha (at request from the Czech Technical University in Prague)

- You can press "C" with LogiX Tooltip to open the node selector in the screen mode


- Asset gathering for loading objects is now started on a background thread, preventing potential freeze if it takes longer to process

- Tweaked default audio input device detection logic to help deal with subtle changes to the reported name, causing the default audio device to reset

- Made whisper sphere a bit bigger (1.25 meters from 1 meter)


- Fixed more race conditions in the multi-threading solution for the physics system, causing world crashes and/or corruption in the physics system (based on log from @Lucifer )

- Fixed some errors in the LogiX Tooltip, which now make it work in the screen mode (although it's super clumsy)

- Fixed excessive warning logging when trying to move/rotate/scale objects with gizmos, whose properties are driven

- Fixed error in VRIKAvatar startup when the IK isn't assigned

- Fixed whisper range sphere having incorrect scale on some avatars

- Fixed race conditions in the GET String node, corrupting state of LogiX and causing world to crash (discovered thanks to @Juspertinry 's interactive webcam thingy)

- Fixed PhysicalButton, TouchToggle and other components reacting to touch events getting stuck in a pressed in some cases

- Finally fixed the spontaneous avatar combustion issue. It is now available as "AprilFoolsViolentExplosion" component under "Utility" for compatibility reasons. Can be attached to any object