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A new, even slightly more faster build of Neos!


- Reduced memory usage of SyncElements. Removed/reworked unnecessary members and put all flags into a single field. This decreases overall memory usage of worlds and objects slightly and improves performance a bit (less to allocate & track for GC)

- Optimized code for propagating state changes is now injected for many LogiX nodes instead of iterating over all members, greatly speeding up LogiX operation (especially with bigger setups and many nodes)

- UpdateManager now uses faster spinlock instead of normal locking

- Optimized material updates slightly (still needs heavier optimizations to be done)

- Fixed Video Players leaking even after the player is destroyed, when the UMP is used

- Removed memory allocations for various operations:

-- Propagating input changes through LogiX nodes

-- Searching for a child with particular name

-- Assigning references

-- Searching children

-- Updating rendering from worlds

-- Getting version strings


- If file named "UseUnityAudioAPI" is put on the root of C: drive, Neos will use the old Unity Audio API (temporary workaround for @Business Lawyer )

- Disabled "Popular" sorting for now. It often leads users to really old worlds since they have most visits, which isn't a good first experience. Will enable again once we have better popular world distribution/algorithm

- Pictures now spawn with SnapPlane component, which allows to directly draw on them and snap other things on the surface (at suggestion from @0utsider )


- Fixed EulerAnglesInput producing corrupt quaternions, breaking some behaviors

- Fixed SmoothSlerp node generating corrupt quaternions

- Fixed an issue where updates would stop occurring for some components in rare cases when switching update buckets

- Fixed audio files not working through the video player after recent update (discovered thanks to @0utsider )

Be on a lookout for some things breaking. I modified some really core parts of Neos. Fixed things that were breaking everything horribly, but could have some subtle remaining bugs that I missed. It think everything should be good now though.