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New update making Neos slightly more faster!

New Features:

- Added PBS Displace materials, which support vertex and UV displacement

- Grabbable and Draggable (Joint, Slider) now have "AllowSteal" property, which enables other users grabbing the object while another user is holding them

- Added AutoSnap property to SnapTarget. This will make snappables snap as soon as they contact the proxy sphere collider (the other collider needs to be set as Active).


- Reworked Character Collider to use Capsule shape instead of Cylinder. This should be more forgiving to small bumps in the terrain. Let me know if you run into some strange issues (e.g. being able to climb straight wall), but I think I eliminated them all

- Imported text files now use the file name as the name of the object (at suggestion from @MR-Alex )

- Updated UMP video playback engine to

- Saving items into the inventory now ignores metadata sources from non-persistent parts of the hierarchy


- Upgraded to native microphone API for reading audio input which should offer better performance and latency and be less affected by framerate (some more optimizations are still required to fully address that issue though)

- Optimized direct component instantiation - this should provide some speedup for operations that do heavy new component instantiation (e.g. generating UI). Will speed up loading too once it's rewritten

- Moved renormalization for quaternions from calculations to assignment, which should improve performance for math heavy code

- Some optimizations for particle system multithreading job handling

- Various other small optimizations


- Fixed error when saving objects with world orbs with null URL into the inventory

- Fixed error when loading custom DLL's (reported by @MR-Alex )

- Fixed NotNull node turning into IsNull when input is plugged in (reported by Bom "Bitman" bomb )