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Even faster build of Neos!


- Reworked sync element change propagation in hierarchy to avoid use events - this has significant memory savings (about 27 % less excluding assets), reducing GC churn and increasing overall performance

- Optimized assigning of references, delegates and links (less allocations and computations/lookups)

- Removed/reduced memory allocations for following parts

-- Emitting particles

-- Updating materials

-- Updating world

-- Updating value streams

-- Updating thumbnails

-- EyeManager

-- Node Inputs/Outputs

-- Enumerating components

-- Getting body node slot

-- Notifying asset references

- Fixed excessive silent exceptions and leaks with logix impulses when joining or loading a world

- Various other small optimizations


- Circular menu closes after selecting option for some tools (at suggestion from @0utsider )


- Fixed ForceLink not working properly

- Fixed ending session disconnect not working properly (taking a few seconds)

Known issues:

- Sometimes shader will refuse to load and stay checkerboard. Shouldn't happen too often to be a big issue, will fix soon.