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Hey guys, I'm working on convex mesh colliders now. It's not ready yet but I got a nice cool byproduct for you Build

New Features:

- New Convex Hull Brush (totally not stolen from TiltBrush :smile: )! Works as other brushes - you can dip it in materials and draw various shapes. I prepared some cool ones under Essential Tools -> Brushes, but feel free to experiment on your own

- Added "Convert To Convex Hull" processing option for static meshes


- Optimized some MeshX operations

- Enforced at least 2 ms for asset integration each frame to speed up asset uploading under heavy load. This is temporary measure until this part is reworked


- Added "Selected" boolean output on the NeosRadio item (for @ProbablePrime )

- Added global impulse counter to Impulse Displays to help diagnose sequencing of impulses (for Bom "Bitman" bomb )

- The circular menu auto-closes after opening color dialog for brushes and light tips

- Added "OnDone" impulse to all nodes that receive impulse and didn't have one (on request from Bom "Bitman" bomb and @0utsider )


- Fixed incorrect asset reference counting, causing assets to not unload or to crash the world due to registering the same reference twice