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One more semi-major release! :smile: Now with Online status system

New Features:

- Added Online Status selection UI (on the right side of the dash). You can now change your status to Online, Away, Busy and Invisible

-- When you set Away manually, it'll stay that way even if you move around (unlike the auto-away after some time of inactivity)

-- When Busy you won't receive any notifications

-- When Invisible you will show as Offline to everyone and all your sessions are Private by default

The status is saved between logins and synced to the cloud. E.g. if you change to invisible/busy, exit Neos and start again, you'll stay invisible/busy next time you login.

- Added "Split into separate meshes by material" to the MeshRenderer component. This will split the current mesh into separate meshes (all as separate objects) based on the material (so each new mesh only has one material and is independently movable and adjustable)


- MeshUVRaycastPortal now supports repeating UV's

- RenderTexture now has U and V edge behavior properties (repeat, clamp, mirror, mirroronce)

- Limited RenderTexture size to 8K, to prevent freezing Neos by typing number that's too large

- CylinderMesh now has UVscale and its horizontal winding is flipped so the UV's go along the correct direction. Old instances will be automatically updated so they're not changed

- Added "Change Color" menu option to the LightTip (on request from @Brutebandit )


- Fixed the color dialog for brushes not spawning in front of the user

- Fixed touch sources incorrectly calculating interaction angle when interacting through a portal

- Fixed editing world metadata breaking when the Description field is not changed (found thanks to @ooBLANKAoo )

- Fixed tooltip laser not using the tooltip reference direction