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New Update!

New Features:

- Added MeshUVRaycastPortal component, which can transport a raycast from UV (based on the hit UV on a mesh collider)

- Added SlotRaycastTransferPortal component which transports raycast from one slot to another like a portal

- Added PortalRaycastAll extension, which does portal-aware raycasts

- Added "Select Color" menu option for brushes that spawn a color dialog (suggested during @sirkitree 's XR artist class)


- Added increasing delay for asset upload retries

- Added mechanism which will replace broken tools in case something gets corrupted. This will lead you to losing the current state of your tool, but will help avoid strange behaviors where clicking doesn't work for example

- Baking Meshes is now undoable

- Categorized some components


- Fixed world submission getting stuck and not showing error when there was error fetching the record data

- Same for saving world metadata changes

- Various small bugfixes

- Fixed the world orb menu open button disappearing (discovered by @ooBLANKAoo )

- Fixed touching/laser interfering with the tool itself and breaking some things - e.g. picking colors and materials for brushes or not being able to click

- Fixed broken import of some meshes due to having non-triangle submesh as the first submesh (e.g. @sirkitree 's Cobalt Necklace)