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A new update with NCR!

New Features:

- NCR transactions are live! You can now send NCR within Neos. Your Patreon NCR reward has been converted to the new system (you should receive a message from the Neos account), let me know ASAP if there's anything wrong

- Added "Deposit NCR" dialog under My Account on the dash. This will give you your own unique Ethereum address, to which you can deposit NCR from the Ethereum blockchain

- NCR and KFC now show approximate dollar value (always zero for KFC) on the dash and in the credit transfer dialog


- Made Send Credits dialog bigger and tweaked layout

- Added NCR and KFC icons to the dialogs and messages

- Added current balance to the send credits dialog

- Registration form now requires you to repeat your email


- Fixed drag and drop file import happening in all the worlds that you have open