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New Update

New Features:

- More progress on the contextual tutorial framework and added more contextual tutorials for the following:

-- Scaling things and moving grabbed things

-- Equipping tools

-- Tool specific actions & Unequipping tools

-- Opening world orbs

-- Operating the circular menu and closing it

- RawDataTooltip now has UniqueTutorialKey, PrimartyTutorialDescription and SecondaryTutorialDescription fields that let you setup tutorial labels specific for your tool

- Added Culling and ZTest properties to the font material


- Neos will now update the NCR/USD conversion ratio from the server

- The lowest ranking overload of node will now be spawned by default rather than alphabetical (e.g. float will be preferred to double)

- Neos API now supports fetching records by their path (e.g. inventory path) rather than unique recordID

- Changed "~" symbol to "≈" in USD value estimation to avoid confusion (thanks to @MR-Alex )

- Optimized world orbs to use less CPU power (the animation only plays briefly when clicked)

- Laser is now disabled when the contextual menu is open to help signify that you can't use the tool or click things when it's open

- Added logging for any unhandled exceptions, this should help diagnose various problems


- Fixed world overwriting not working when using full body avatar with calibrated tool anchors

- Fixed collider size being set to infinity using the "Set from local/global bounds" button when the bounds were invalid (thanks to @Aegis_Wolf to pointing this out)

- Some fixes for virtual keys to prevent repeated keypresses