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New update, hopefully finished with the basic contextual tutorials now.

New features:

- Added Help Button to some dialogs (Inventory, Friends, New World) to provide some quick basic info

- You can now set the maximum number of users that can join your session dynamically (in the Session dialog). This only affects newly joining users, if set the limit lower than the number of users in the world they will stay (thanks to @sirkitree for the suggestion)

- You can now move grabbed items closer and further away in screen mode by holding Shift and using the mouse scroll button (thanks to @noahg2 for the suggestion)

- Inventory now shows the sum size of all assets of the selected item. File Browser also shows the file size (at suggestion from Bom "Bitman" bomb )

- New Contextual Tutorials

-- Using inventory

-- Switching worlds (particularly back to the hub)

-- Re-positioning tools


- Import dialogs and imported objects now respect user's scale (thanks to Bom "Bitman" bomb for pointing out this one)

- Drone camera will ignore keyboard and mouse inputs if any UI element has active focus

- Rewrote parts of PhysicalButton component to be more responsive and avoid getting stuck when being pressed remotely (via trigger)

- Renabled some error logging for sync tasks to help diagnose some problems

- Added metadata for audio and video clips (will allow audio/video preview in the inventory in the future)


- Fixed transferring dialogs from userspace to world and back not respecting scale (thanks to Bom "Bitman" bomb for pointing it out). This also fixes changing scale when transferring objects between worlds

- Fixed withdrawal amount field being fixed to "1"

- Fixed broken exporting through the grabbed inspector reference

- Various small bugfixes