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Another update!

New features:

- Added CharacterColliderSetter Tooltip, it lets you mark any Collider as Character Collider by clicking on it (secondary removes it)

- All [[Collider]s now have "IgnoreRaycasts" property, which lets you to globally exclude them from Raycast results. Character Colliders are excluded by default


- Locomotion input is now analog (gradual speed increase)

- The test physical locomotion module will now use both joysticks for forward, they're accumulated, allowing you to sprint (this is just for testing how it behaves)

- File Browser is now a main item on the Dash

- The character collider is active body only on the person simulating it, saving unnecessary calculations on other clients

- The testing physical locomotion module now sets the gravity space to be the user's coordinate space (e.g. if you're parented and rotated, the gravity direction will be relative to the object)

- Categorized Locomotion Modules under Input/Locomotion