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New semi major version! This marks the dawn of the physical locomotion! :D

New Features:

- CharacterController for physical character simulation

- All colliders now have "CharacterCollider" check, which enables character collision for them. Off by default

- TestPhysicalLocomotion module, which is a simple version of physical locomotion that serves as a test bed for the implementation. Try it out in the "Physical Locomotion Test" template

- New LogiX nodes:

-- DynamicImpulseTriggerWithValue (with value)

-- DynamicImpulseReceiverWithValue

-- Root Slot

- File Browser Tooltip can now be used without equipping

- The "File Browser (private)" button in the Neos Dash now just opens private File Browser whereever you are

Known Issues:

- The node overload isn't changed when plugging into an undetermined output. This makes it impossible right now to get the right version of DynamicImpulseReceiverWithValue by simply plugging in something, you need to spawn appropriate version with the inspector now.