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New update!

New features:

- Procedural walk/run animation system for IK avatars! It will be automatically setup for all new and existing avatars, with three gait types (walk, run and leap run), very configurable, you can find it on the VRIKAvatar component.

This should provide walk/run animations that correspond to your actual movement in the world. Feel free to play with the gait types and defaults, I might adjust these more (if someone comes up with better defaults I'll replace them).


- Press "O" in the Screen Mode to deselect all

- The feet can be dragged around by default when importing a rigged model

- Feet planting in IK is now disabled by default and for existing avatars - this prevents the head from clipping into face when looking down when the character is not tall enough to compensate (it makes the feet rise off the ground a bit, but that's less jarring than face full of geometry). This should also improve avatar stability when using pelvis tracker

- VRIKavatar now has output fields indicating whether it's on ground, its average velocity and current gait index


- Fixed components (like text fields) not losing focus when the world is switched or when userspace component gets focus. This fixes a security issue when private information could accidentally by typed in a public world

- Fixed Normal voice setting being too quiet after a recent change