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New update

New Features:

- Avatar Creator now supports feet and pelvis body nodes for non-rig characters (having floating feet and pelvis models)

- You can now use some tooltips (brushes, shape tooltip, light orb tooltip and Raw Data Tooltip (configurable)) without equipping them - just hold them in hand and press trigger

- Material, Texture and Mesh references now have a visual preview when dragging them out of the inspector

- Pressing a trigger while holding Material, Texture, Video, Mesh or AudioClip reference will spawn appropriate material orb, texture object, video player or mesh orb

- Neos Launcher now supports auto-starting and auto-joining Neos sessions across the internet using an user ID

- Neos Static Camera mode now supports spawning the interactive camera instead of the headset model, letting you use it as the "physical" camera, while another computer does the rendering (and recording with OBS) - the preview is still rendered locally

- Added movement threshold into settings - this lets you adjust how much you need to move your joystick or how far to press touchpad before movement starts


- Changed the way ComponentClone tooltip applies the components on an object without a collider - simply click with the trigger on the inspector of the object you want it to apply to

- ParticleSpray tooltip now has configurable rate and min/max speed rather than hardcoded (you should use Raw Data Tooltip for new ones though, this one was only meant as a test)

- Session world orbs now have "Join Session" menu option

- Glue now supports gluing objects to the avatar bones, rather than breaking the avatar in subtle ways (use inspector if you want precision though)

- Glue now ignores tooltips

- Float parsing text field is now culture invariant

- Removed DebugBrushTip (Obsolete)


- UserRoot is now immediately registered in the hierarchy, rather than at the startup

- Fixed TransformStreamDriver rotation offset being computed incorrectly, causing user object to randomly rotate upon grabbing

- Fixed BlitToDisplay distorting the aspect ratio when the same side of the texture had different length

- Fixed material orbs and other objects with Refrence Proxies getting deleted when trigger is pressed

- Fixed Undo step for brush strokes leaving clutter behind

- Fixed broken Spawn/Destroy undo step

Known issues:

- Undoing all brush strokes in a group will break redo because of broken references