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New update!

New Features:

- Added more LogiX nodes

-- LocalUser

-- HostUser

-- LocalUserRoot

-- LocalUserSpace

-- IsUserHost

-- UserUsername

-- UserUserRoot

-- UserRootSlot

-- IsUserPresent

-- IsUserInEditMode

-- UserJoined (fires an event and outputs given user)

-- UserLeft (same)

-- SetGlobalPosition

-- SetGlobalRotation

-- SetGlobalScale

-- SetLocalPosition

-- SetLocalRotation

-- SetLocalScale

- Files with .logixstring extension will now import as string LogiX variable with the text contents filled in from the file

- string LogiX variables (or any other component that implements IValue<string>) will now export as a text file


- Developer Mode is ignored on objects under player's hierarchy (so Gizmos won't pop up on your avatar and menus)

- World Events (User Joined, Left, Focus changed...) are now executed in appropriate order given by each component's UpdateOrder

- Auto-generated LogiX node names are now "beautified" (mostly adding spaces between words)

- Renamed "Registers" category to "Variables"

- Reworked the UserRoot. Rather than referencing the user, the User now links the active user root. This prevents inconsistent behavior when the user is duplicated in the world. They are also assigned immediately on spawn, rather than waiting for the user to assign it in their update cycle