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New update

New Features:

- Press "Ctrl+S" on keyboard to save current world (saves in place if already saved), works in the VR mode as well (can be used as Emergency Save). Pressing "Ctrl+Shift+S" will force saving a new copy (Save As)


- Added "DriveField" to the Neos Slider, Checkbox and Numeric up/down. This lets you directly drive another field from these components and react to external changes to that field

- More work on the ScaleObjectManager. The whole setup should now properly scale and move even with grabbable component

- Material Gun now adds Skybox component when trying to assign skybox material when it's not present in the world

- Added ability to disable native texture uploads for debugging purposes. Either launch Neos with -DisableNativeTextureUpload argument or place a file named "DisableNativeTextureUpload" (no extension) to the root of your C: or D: drive


- Fixed the grabbed object sliding acceleration not resetting in certain cases

- Fixed text field focus persisting when the containing object is deactivated

- Fixed chat message getting sent when the text field was simply defocused

- Fixed the broken UI text mask