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New update

New Features:

- All UI panels now have a title bar, which features a window title and optional buttons

- All UI panels should now have an explicit Close button. If I missed any (or missed any title) let me know

- File Browser and Inventory can now be toggled between private (in userspace - travelling with you) and public (visible in world) - use the yellow toggle button next to close one to toggle them


- Private dialogs are now colored blue, while public are golden (as before)

- File Browser now starts as private when you open it (you can still make it public using the toggle)

- Inventory now works after being duplicated, so you can browse two different folders at the same time

- Inventory items are now cached globally and don't need to be re-fetched every time you close and open the inventory again

- Inventory now keeps its last state when you open and close it through the shortcut or dash (closing via the close button or deleting it will reset it)

- Some performance optimizations for UI dialogs, preventing some unnecessary recalculations