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New update

New Features:

- Mesh Baking! You can now combine many objects into a single mesh, which will increase performance if you have lots of small pieces (e.g. like a complicated drawing or CAD model). It supports both Static and Procedural Meshes, with any topology (triangles, point clouds).

To bake meshes use the Glue Tooltip. Open the Context Menu and switch mode to mesh baking and cover object in glue as usual. Alternatively you can also grab a Reference to the object in the Inspector and press primary while holding it to bake it.

Note that baking the meshes removes any kind of interaction or animation and will turn the whole hierarchy into a single static object.

- Exposed Particle Trails! You can now setup particles to use trails in the ParticleStyle component

- You can now save worlds directly to Inventory! (also pressing "Save As" doesn't throw you into another world). Simply grab the glowing world orb and put it into your Inventory.

- You can now open worlds directly from Inventory as well! Highlight the World Orb in the Inventory and press the purple-ish button at the top. This only works for world orbs placed since this update (simply re-add existing ones to enable this functionality)

- VoicePermission - lets you restrict the maximum voice mode (Broadcast, Normal or Mute) for each role. New worlds are setup with this permission for all users, but only [Role: Spectator|Spectators]] are restricted to Normal only by default.

- You can now close worlds using the World Switcher by a long trigger press (a red circle will appear around)

- Added AvatarRawToolData component (under Users/Common Avatar System) which gives you access to raw data on the avatar itself, without having to use the Component: RawDataTooltip|RawDataTooltip]]


- Gluing is now performed on the client of the user who applied to glue, to avoid performance impact on the host

- Some memory/performance tweaks to the gluing code

- Broadcast voice volume is now lower so it's not super loud compared to normal voice

- Unregistered user's names are now darker gray to indicate people who are not logged in

- When trying to equip a tool that you don't have permission to equip it displays a message notifying of this

- Exposed MinimumBufferDelay on the audio streams, which lets you adjust how much data (in seconds) must be in the buffer before it starts being read