Point Cloud Import

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In addition to classic meshes, Neos supports importing point clouds as well, which can be a great visualization tool. Internally point cloud support is based on the same MeshX class, using vertices with a point topology submesh instead of triangles.

Point Clouds can either be imported in variety of 3D model formats, by forcing the importer to extract only the vertex data in the Advanced Settings (or setting the appropriate flag when using it from the code). Unfortunately currently the Assimp library doesn't recognize point cloud topology in traditional 3D formats (e.g. OBJ, PLY) very well, so it has to be specified manually.

In addition Neos also supports several other point-cloud only formats.

Currently Supported Point Cloud formats

  • All 3D Model formats (see 3D Model Import)
  • LAZ/LAS LiDAR format ( .laz, .las )
  • ASCII PTS ( .pts )