On Collision Stay (LogiX node)

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On Collision Stay
'On Collision Stay' LogiX node
  ICollider Collider
  Impulse OnEvent
  ICollider Other

The On Collision Stay node fires an impulse from OnEvent every frame while the Other collider is colliding with the input Collider.


The Other output provides the collider which is colliding with the input Collider. This value is available for the duration of the impulse chain started from OnEvent.

The OnEvent impulses from On Collision Stay start the frame after an impulse would be fired by On Collision Start (LogiX node), i.e. the frame after the Collider and Other start collding.

Note that, in general, collisions where neither collider is a CharacterController (Component) will generate an impulse from OnEvent for each user in a session. This usually requires filtering the impulses such that only the ones for relevant users propagate to downstream nodes. For collisions where the Other collider is a CharacterController an impulse will only be fired for the CharacterCollider's SimulatingUser.


Tutorial from ProbablePrime on the collider event nodes:

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