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Neosine is an upcoming custom launcher for Neos.


Neosine will allow users to download customized builds/versions of Neos directly from Neos. A variety of builds will be provided such as:

  • New Feature Testing
  • Previous or "Older" builds
  • Special builds for events and experiences (e.g. Metamovie / VBLFC etc.)
  • Special builds for Education and Business experiences

All without the use of Steam.

Common Questions / FAQ

Will this replace Steam?

No, we're still looking to ship a build to Steam that you can use. For the moment builds shipped to Steam will not contain token (NCR/CDFT/KFC) functionality.

You can read more about this on our dedicated page covering the problems with this at the moment.

Can I use NCR/CDFT/KFC on Neosine builds?


Where can I download Neosine?

Neosine is not ready yet, it is in progress. Once it is ready this page will be updated.

What builds will be available on Neosine?

All recent builds of Neos. See the next question for more info.

What about historic builds?

When building Neosine our priority is future builds that keep Neos progressing into the future.

Historic builds may be added at a later date, but some will not be compatible with Neosine or even your computer.

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