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Neos Metaverse - Neos Credits Telegram chat rules

Effective date: August 5, 2022

What is this document?

Thank you for joining the Neos Metaverse - Neos Credits Telegram chat group.

In order to maintain positive and supportive environment in our Telegram chat group and to prevent the spread of inaccurate information, false accusations, trolling, and disrespect of others in our community, we have established some rules for our Telegram chat group that our members must agree to follow. The rules apply to every member in our Telegram chat group. We expect members to treat each other with respect and to be mindful of their words. Failing to respect our set of rules will result in a warning.Three warnings will result in a permanent ban from the chat group. Please note that failing to comply with some of these rules as further outlined below will result in an immediate ban without warning.

1. General chat rules

1.1 Be kind. We don't tolerate insults, harassing, obscenity or abusive language. This includes hate speech, racial slurs, sexually suggestive topics or media, personal or targeted insults, also known as cyberbullying (threats, obscene comments and aggressive outbursts directed at other members of the chat, disregarding other members’ needs or feelings). Offenders that display this behaviour will be instantly banned. We ask you to report any abusive posts or incidents to one of our admins or email at

1.2 Keep it clean. No spammy posts! This includes referral links, bot and spam accounts, phishing websites, affiliate links, advertisements, duplicate content, encouraging people to use external services or panhandling.

1.3 Speak English only. For enquiries in other languages please contact our admins and we will do our best to help you.

1.4 Keep it positive. Promoting Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is not permitted in this chat group.

1.5 No Doxing. Doxing is the practice of publicly seeking and disseminating personal and private information online (such as name and surname, address, telephone number, etc.) or other sensitive data concerning a person, usually with malicious intent. We will delete any messages containing such information and violators will be instantly banned.

2. Neos Credits discussions

You should understand the risks involved with holding crypto tokens. The Neos Metaverse - Neos Credits Telegram group is not a place for you to express any negative feelings towards the Neos team or its community when you make a trading mistake. The purpose of this group is to help each other learn about Neos Metaverse and NCR, share knowledge, announce news, encourage healthy debate, and improve the metaverse space.

3. Promoting a healthy discussion

We encourage healthy discussions as they produce a healthy community. We welcome all kinds of opinions and even negative feedback, but please keep it constructive. Criticism about Neos Metaverse and NCR is allowed only if good arguments are given and if those arguments are presented politely. The admins of the group reserve the right to ban any individual from the chat group who constantly posts negative comments concerning NCR or spreading FUD.

Following actions will result in an instant ban:

3.1 Discrediting the utility of NCR by spreading misinformation or comparing it to other crypto tokens.

3.2 Crypto shilling and advertisements of other crypto tokens.

4. Other common sense rules

4.1 Do not send multiple messages one after the other (text bombing), try to organise your thoughts in a single message.

4.2 All messages and content should be related to the Neos Metaverse project, NCR token and its affiliate matters or relevant tech news and industry insights.

4.3 If possible, do not post in ALL CAPS as this is seen as shouting.

4.4 To make things easier for our moderators, please use an appropriate #hashtag when you ask a question.

4.5 Please try to express yourself with full sentences in order to maintain a healthy conversation.

4.6 Try to minimise individual messages with no real meaning or contribution to the discussion, such as “HODL!” “When moon” and similar.

4.7 To stay safe, please don't click on links from unknown sources and report anyone that is asking you to share any private information, such as passwords, payment details etc. via Private Messaging. We will never reach out to you privately via Telegram in order to ask for personal information.

5. NeosVR Technical support

5.1 The Neos Metaverse - Neos Credits Telegram group is not the ideal place to ask for technical support for NeosVR gameplay. Members of the community may be able to help, but they are not responsible for any technical assistance given. For official technical support from the Neos team, please visit our Discord server or contact us at

6. User banning and post removing rules

6.1 Administrators reserve the right to remove any messages or content that is against the group chat rules without a warning. If you think that your message should not have disappeared, or that you should have been warned, please kindly send a message to one of our chat administrators and do not re-send the message to the group chat.

6.2 Although admins do their best to check the chat history, occasionally it may be difficult for the admins to distinguish genuine community members from those who spread FUD or trolls.

If you feel you have been unfairly banned from the group please contact one of our admins or email us at