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Neos VR has a team of awesome individuals that are helping make it grow and succeed.


Name Role Social Media / Contact Description
Frooxius CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Twitter
Karel CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Twitter

Team Members

Name Role Social Media / Contact Description
Aegis_Wolf Creative Director Twitter
Chroma Video/Graphics Production Twitter
CanadianGit Moderation
Dante Moderation
Geenz Graphics Programmer
Lewis Snow Lead Audio Designer Twitter
Nexulan Producer
0utsider Programmer
ProbablePrime Technical Writer / Programmer Twitter Documentation, Wiki and Tutorials.
Raith Moderation / Programmer Twitter Moderation ticket system
Rue Shejn 3D Artist
Ryuvi Technical Artist
Shifty Quality Control Lead
Theofilus the Folf Video Production Twitter
Veer Chief Moderation Officer Twitter


Additionally Neos, has a Moderation team which consists of volunteers from the Neos Community.

Contacting the Neos Team

Whenever possible its best to use the official channels for contacting the team with your issue: