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Neos Credits (NCR) is the in-universe currency that can be used to purchase services such as storage, computing (generating avatars, processing/decimating models in the cloud, rendering raytraced views and so on), early access to private content and other perks.

The long term goal is to incorporate them with an existing cryptocurrency technology to allow them being traded with other currencies, used to trade within Neos or rewards creators.

Currently the credits accumulate as a small reward for the Patreon supporters as a thanks for early support.

For more info read the Whitepaper

Current Value (As of 12/17/2019): 1 NCR = 7.7¢USD

According to genesis contract 0xdb5c3c46e28b53a39c255aa39a411dd64e5fed9c, there can ever only be 50 million NCR.

Neos Credits are divisable to 18 decimal places. Smaller denotations such as Neos Units might be more practical to use in the future.

(1 Neos Credit = 1,000 Neos Units)