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When in Neos, you may occasionally receive a message or notice from a user by the name of "Neos". This user is actually a bot ran by the Neos Team and provides notifications and messages about Neos and your account.

Neos Bot Messages / Notifications

Common things Neos Bot may message you about:

  • New Updates - If you're online when an update comes out, Neos Bot will let you know with a message
  • Patreon Messages - If you're a patron of Neos on Patreon, each month you'll get messages thanking you for your pledge and sending you your NCR from Patreon.
  • Special Currency Transfers - If you're the winner of a competition such as the MMC, NCC or otherwise you may get a message from Neos bot which is the transfer of the winning funds.

Neos Bot Commands

You can also message Neos bot, with various phrases to achieve various actions and activities.

Group Commands

If you're the member of a Group, you can message the Neos bot with the following commands to interact with the Groups System:

  • /getGroupInfo <groupname> - Gets a list of current members and other metadata
  • /addMember <group name> <member name> <member quota> - Adds a User to a group, The quota parameter is measured in GB and allocates how much of the Group's storage they can use. Use -1 for unlimited.
  • /removeMember <group name> <member name> - Removes a User from a group.

Storage Commands

  • /requestRecordUsageJSON - Will email you a JSON File of all records on your account that are using Storage. It will be emailed to your account's email address.
    • This can be used with 3rd party tools to generate analysis of your Neos storage usage
    • IMPORTANT!!! Be very careful who you send this report to, as it contains nearly the entire contents of your account and inventory and has enough information to spawn anything from your account
  • /requestRecordUsageReport - Will email your account's specified email address with a basic storage report.
    • This list includes all records (worlds, items...) on your account that use any storage, sorted by sum of the sizes of their assets
    • This doesn't take into account assets that are shared across records. The raw sum of all records is very likely going to be much higher than your actual storage usage, because shared assets are only counted once
    • Conversely if you delete a world/item, your storage won't necessarily go down by the amount reported, but only by how many unique assets it has. If the assets are used by other records, your storage won't go down by the full amount
    • Additionally some assets are "free", like various Neos assets (e.g. some stuff you find in public Neos inventory) and will be counted in the report, but doesn't actually contribute to your storage
    • The report includes name, path, ID, record type (and whether it's message item) and public status of each record
  • /deleteRecord <record ID> allows you to delete any record from your account by its Record ID
    • IMPORTANT! It doesn't ask for confirmation, double check you've got the right Record ID as this action is mostly irreversible.
    • You can use this to delete some message-item records for the time being. For inventory items and worlds I strongly recommend using in-game UI

Recovery Commands

  • /requestDeleteRecovery - Which will recover deleted items/worlds from your account.
    • time period indicates how long ago in the history to search. Syntax is flexible, e.g. "1d", "2h", "30m", "1 hour 30 minutes" will all work. Default unit is day.
    • <search name> will filter out any items that don't contain given term anywhere in their path or name. Use * to recover everything
    • You will be emailed a ZIP file with special files representing items of your inventory in the same folder structure. To actually recover the item/world, you need to import those files into Neos and save them again. DO NOT CLEAR YOUR CACHE!
    • Maximum recovery time period is 30 days, after this the items are deleted permanently
    • This command can only be used by Patreon users directly. If you have an emergency and are not Patreon, contact a team member
    • THIS IS LAST RESORT EMERGENCY OPTION! Full recovery isn't 100% guaranteed, it relies on other asset files still being in the cloud or being in your cache to recover fully. Please take every step necessary to make sure you don't need to use it in the first place.