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네오스 멘토 로고. (Neos Mentors logo/badge)

멘토는 네오스 중재자가 주관하지만 멘토 리드 팀이 운영하는 봉사 프로그램입니다. 네오스 커뮤니티의 자원봉사자들은 다른 사용자들이 혼란스러워하거나 어려움을 느끼는 사용자들을 자유 시간에 돕거나 교육합니다. 그들은 전체 유저들의 도움, 지원을 제공하는 것을 목표로 합니다. 특히 처음 시작한 사용자들에게 더욱 그렇습니다. 멘토들은 처음 온 사람들에게 약간의 사회적 안전장치 역할을 합니다. (오역이 있을 수 있음)

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a member of the community that has volunteered their time to help users of all experience levels. They serve as an essential part of the new user experience by reinforcing the friendly, welcoming community atmosphere that Neos provides.

멘토를 찾는 법

멘토는 게임 내에서 고유한 녹색 색상의 이름표(이름표 색상은 커스터마이징이 가능하기 때문에 다를 수도 있습니다.)와 배지(위에 표시된)로 구분하실 수 있습니다. 또한, 추가로 몇가지 확인 가능한 방법이 있습니다.

  • 우리의 디스코드 서버로 오셔서 #questions-help 체널에서 @Neos Mentor로 메세지를 보내두시면, 자원봉사자들이 도와줄것입니다.
  • 게임 내에서 도움이 필요한 경우, 세션 이름을 포함하시면 좋습니다. 월드를 새로 열때 월드 이름을 지정하라는 대화상자가 표시되며, 기본값은 "<사용자 이름> world"입니다. 이를 클릭하여 변경하실 수 있습니다.

What are the Mentor Leads?

The role of the Mentor Leads is to oversee the Mentor Program and provide structure, feedback, management, and resources to the program. Every Mentor Lead should be able to autonomously handle things like tweaking the guidelines, correcting grammatical mistakes, implementing quality-of-life changes, and onboarding new applicants.

Current Mentor Leads can be found on the Mentor Roster (Listed Below), or in the following list;

  • MattyK
  • Cataena
  • Ikani
  • Lazhannya
  • BigRedWolfy
  • irick
  • Holy
  • Holy_Water
  • orange
  • Veer (Chief Moderation Officer, Oversees the Mentor Program as a whole)

(Current as of 25th of May, 2022)

What is the Criteria for being a Mentor?

The willingness to teach and learn, and a baseline of experience with the tools of Neos.

What comes with the Mentor role?

  • Recognition and thanks for their time and assistance as a volunteer.
  • Recognition of their Mentor role via a badge and nameplate colour, enabling users in need of help to more easily seek them out.
  • Access to the Neos Volunteer Team Discord to receive Mentor-related announcements and updates, and to communicate and coordinate with other mentors and members of the other volunteer teams.
  • Access to the Neos Mentor Team Group containing useful teaching materials.

멘토가 되기위해 어떤것을 해야 하나요?

Listed in the Mentor Resources below is an Application Form; the process of becoming a Mentor has been largely streamlined and made less opaque by the inclusion of the new Mentor Trainer System, which you can read through in the resources below as well.

Mentor Resources

Below is a list of Front-Facing Documentation & Resources that the Mentor Team uses. All information displayed is fit for public consumption and intended to give one a broad overview of the Mentor Program and what it entails.

Mentor Program Application The Front-Facing Application for the Mentor Program. The Mentor Program is open to new applicants.

Mentor Guidelines The Mentor Guidelines, listed below in its own translated section.

Mentor Roster The Mentor Program's Roster, displaying current Mentors, Mentor Trainees, their time zones, and their languages.

Mentor Trainer System The Mentor Trainer System, a compulsory system that all new Mentors are put through to establish a baseline of skills and expectations. It functions as an acculturation process, a probationary period, and an onboarding period for the new Mentor.

Neos Mentor Guidelines

Version 1.2

Mentors are Community Members who volunteer their time to help other Users, both new and experienced.

They are important to all Users, especially New Users, and thus should attain a baseline of skills that they are able to demonstrate.

The Role does not come with a quota to fulfill, but rather with an expectation to represent Neos and the friendly, open community that it houses.

  1. Follow the Neos Usage Guidelines
  2. Respect fellow Users
    1. Consider personal space, comfort, ear, and eye safety.
    2. Make sure to consider what the User you’re helping is actually interested in.
  3. While acting as a Mentor, Avoid Biases and Conflict
    1. De-escalate if a situation drifts too far into a discussion/argument.
    2. Personal likes/dislikes and opinions should not be forced upon other Users.
  4. Do not abuse the Mentor Role
    1. Do not lie about your rights, impersonate Moderators, or generally put yourself above other Users based on your Role.
    2. Avoid manipulating a User to follow personal beliefs/opinions on the basis of your Mentor Role.
    3. Being a mentor does not grant exclusivity in teaching users. Anyone can teach, and one should not override that teaching unless it violates Neos Usage Guidelines.
  5. Avoid disruptive Tools/Gadgets
    1. New Users shouldn't be overwhelmed by displacement gadgets (push tools/guns, gravity tips, hand/proxy grabbers) or loud/bright effects (such as realistic guns, flashbangs or the visual filters found on vapes/bongs).
    2. Similarly, a complex Multi-tool can eschew the new user experience and expectation, keep to simple or default tooltips when possible with new users.
  6. Act polite and dignified
    1. Have patience with Users, especially when it comes to technical issues or them needing more time to understand. Do not become pushy.
    2. Remember that the badge comes with recognition and represents the Neos platform to a degree.
  7. Stay open to constructive criticism, listen to feedback
    1. Not every possible problem can be covered in the guidelines. If another User, fellow Mentor, or Lead approaches you with an issue, please be considerate and listen.

Not following the Mentor Guidelines as an established Mentor may result in consequences, which can range from a warning to removal from the Program.

Removal Decisions will always be made by the Mentor Leads as a whole.