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Mentors are a group of volunteers from the NeosVR community. Mentors provide support for the community on Neos. They aim to provide a help, assistance and support to the entire community, especially any new players who need guidance.

How to Find a Mentor


Mentors can be identified in game by their unique green name colour and badge (as shown above), and they can be found through a couple methods.

  • Reach out on the NeosVR Discord through the #questions-help channel, where you can ping the @Neos Mentor role to find free volunteers for help.
  • Include a request for mentors or help in the name of your session. When opening a new world you will be prompted to give it a name, with the default as “<User name’s> World”, clicking on this will open a keyboard to edit the name.

Mentor Mission Statement

Mentors was established with two primary purposes in mind:

  • To be knowledgeable community members volunteering to teach new Neos users the basics, and provide support during the first couple hours of play.
  • To maintain Neos' culture as friendly and helpful by being ideal community role models, leading by example for new and old members of Neos.

Community Goals

Mentors hope to shape the Neos community for the better by promoting five goals:

  1. Respect for your fellow user
    • Respect is a two way street; treat others how you want to be treated.
    • If we don’t treat others how we want to be treated, this can cause hypocrisy and trust issues
  2. Healthy communication practices
    • Avoid passive aggressive statements, and be clear when explaining issues you have with other users.
    • Encourage users to talk-out problems and practice healthy communication.
    • Listen to folks, sometimes it’s best to just listen.
  3. Constructive criticism
    • Effective feedback clearly outlines the problems and includes proposed solutions.
    • Feedback should be free of insults or attacks on character.
  4. Show appreciation
    • When someone helps you - let them know! Our community is built on collaboration, let folks know just how much they contribute. We want folks to feel appreciated!
  5. Have fun!

How to become a Mentor?

Applications for new Mentors are accepted in groups as the need for additional members increases in line with the growing NeosVR player base. Community members interested in becoming Mentors can apply at any time through the new member form. You will be contacted should your application be successful, when there is a need for additional Mentors.

Becoming a Mentor is not a requirement or part of becoming a Moderator. There is a different process for becoming a Moderator and Moderators should be viewed as a completely different group from Mentors.

Community Projects

NeosVR is home to a growing collection of Community Projects and initiatives, many produced and run by members of the Mentors Program. While Mentors can provide a valuable resource for getting started, these community projects can showcase everything else NeosVR has to offer!