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Neos je inovativní metaverse platforma navržená pro rychlejší vývoj sociálních VR aplikací. Je postaven na skriptovacím enginu, který integruje logiku enginu, syncrhonizaci, asynchronní zpracovávání úkolů a zpracovávání zdrojů, do snadno využitelného celku.

This gives creators, engineers, developers or scientists the ability to focus on the behavior of their creations and what makes them unique, with automatic support for a wide variety of VR devices, online collaboration/multiplayer and cloud functionality, both for the development and the project.

As an end user you can explore a rich virtual universe full of diverse creations with your friends, colleagues or classmates and use the virtual tools and devices you find for fun, art, education or content production.

Where to start

We strongly recommend checking out the in-game tutorial worlds you can find in the content hub (or via the world browser). This Wiki serves as a supplement to in-game content.

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