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The Inventory

Neos Inventory.png

The Inventory is an essential menu to your experience and time in Neos. In this Menu you'll be able to organize items, avatars, worlds, tools, and handle most of your many very object interactions from switching avatars, to saving items, to overwriting worlds.
Inside your inventory you'll find the Neos Essentials and Essential Tools as folders. These are some of your starting folders whenever you make a new Account. To interact with folders currently you need to double click on them with your laser


  • The [+] Icon will create a new Folder
  • Holding an Item/Reference with Grip and Hitting the [+] Icon will save the Object to your inventory
  • The Blue Download Button will save your Current Avatar
  • The Red Trashcan will delete an object with no prompt after selecting one once by clicking it in the inventory.
  • The Purple Hand will make an object/item unpublic from the cloud.
  • The Gray Mail Icon will make a Link/Hyperlink to someones Folder making it a Public Folder, but only if a folder is selected first
  • The SkyBlue Cloud Icon will take you to your Cloud Inventories, this is used in context for groups, as your Folders and a Group folders are entirely different.
  • The Yellow Lightning bolt will immediately switch you into an avatar you've selected
  • The Pink Heart icon will favorite a selected avatar and be the avatar you spawn into as you join from world to world.
  • The Pink Arrow will Spawn the Facet in your Userspace after being selected.


Neos Essentials.png

The Neos essentials is maintained by the Neos Team and will have some Folders for Basic Avatars, Gadgets/Toys, Equippables, Games, Materials, Mirror, Tutorials/VHS/Video Players.
The world submitter, Discord/Patreon Links, Active Sessions Table, Neos Camera, Sticky Equippable, and Neos Twitch Chat with Commmands will be here as some initial defaults for quick and easy access for new users and old alike.
There will also be community folders mixed in as well as alot of the content within the Essentials is mainly made by the community.

Essentials Tools

Essential Tools.png

These are some of the default tools you will need, want, or use when your trying to interact or build things within Neos. Some of the default tools you are required to use are:

There are also Community Tools made by Various Groups or Individuals in the Community.