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Invariant Culture
'Invariant Culture' LogiX node
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The Invariant Culture node outputs a fixed locale which will be the same for all users.


This node provides information used when formatting data to strings (with the To String node) or parsing data from strings (using nodes under the Parsing category). The output from Invariant Culture can be provided to the FormatProvider of compatible nodes, an autocast node will be created upon connection. Locale information defines the default format for dates, times, numbers, currency values, the sorting order of text, casing conventions, and string comparisons for the user's; using the Invariant Culture node ensures that affected nodes will behave the same for all users regardless of their current locale.


It is generally recommended to use this node, rather than the Current Culture node, when parsing data from input files. Different locales have significantly different conventions for formatting numbers which can cause issues e.g. the number 1,000 would be interpreted as 'one thousand' in most English locales but 'one point zero zero zero' in many others.

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