Humanoid Rig Requirements for IK

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When importing a rigged 3D model of a humanoid into Neos, it can be automatically setup with inverse kinematics, which also allows use as a full body avatar. There are certain requirements for the rig to be recognized as humanoid/biped and setup this way:

  • Model can be in A-pose or T-Pose. Others might work as well
  • Orientation (forward facing) should be along the positive Z axis. Flipped Z can be detected as well, but might contain bugs.
  • The bones should follow a naming convention specified below. Rigs from Mixamo already follow this convention.
  • The bold bones are mandatory - must be present on the rig
  • The avatar also needs to have identifiable thumb - fully rigged fingers or at least one bone chain for the thumb and one for the remainder of the hand.
  • Each finger must have at least two segments.
  • Names are necessary for less than five fingers. For hands with five fingers, geometric detection will be used by default.
  • Minimum of 3 fingers must exist for automatic hand setup to work.
  • Putting any bone name with <NoIK> start or end will ignore it from the Import process.

A sample Blender rig can be found here.

Bone Naming Convention

The name of the bone needs to contain one of the listed keywords. They're case-insensitive and may be decorated with numbers (e.g. "spine01"), surrounded by special characters (e.g. "rig_spine"), side indicators (e.g. "left_hand", "LeftHand" or "hand_L") or even other words (e.g. "surgeonLUpperarm1").

  • Hips/Pelvis: hips, pelvis, root
  • Spine: spine, chest
  • Chest: spine, chest, ribcage
  • Neck: neck
  • Head: head

  • Shoulder: shoulder, clavicle, collar, collarbone
  • Upper Arm: upperarm, arm, bicep
  • Lower Arm: forearm, lowerarm, elbow
  • Hand: hand, wrist, palm

  • Thumb: thumb
  • Index: index
  • Middle: middle
  • Ring: ring
  • Pinky: pinky, little

  • Upper Leg: leg, upleg, thigh, upperleg, hip
  • Lower Leg: leg, calf, knee, shin
  • Foot: foot, ankle
  • Toes: toe, ball, toebase, toes